ʍǟɖɛʍօɨֆɛʟʟɛ ֆǟռɢɨȶǟ

portrait de Mademoiselle SanGita

I discovered painting and drawing at the age of 14.

After a high school diploma in science (option ingeneering science), I first focused on design studies at the Pivaut school, then at LISAA for a two-year technical degree, which gave me a consistency in manufacturing and designing sets for several shows. Then for 5 years, as a set designer, which allowed me to manage a team and refine my work.

At the same time, I started working on shooting as a makeup artist and scenic designer’s assistant. In 2013, I registered at the Maison des artistes to have the opportunity to exhibit my creations and live my passion.

Through my professional experience, I have tested different means of expression. Indeed : stage makeup, sculpture, painting and graphics are all applied arts that I tested, appreciated, and shared.